Words to Live By–Christie Rich

Phoenix art

Words of wisdom?

Words of truth?

These sayings are part of the foundation of what I believe. If you’ve seen my tagline as an author, you might wonder what ‘Rise from the Ashes’ means. The phoenix has always been a symbol for hope to me. The ability to overcome the obstacles of life lies within each one of us. My commitment to you is to share the stories which inspire me. That may seem selfish to some of you, and it kind of is, but at the core of the reason I write is my desire to explore the meaning of life and what it means to be free to live. True freedom comes when we open ourselves to possibilities we thought weren’t possible.

True freedom comes from trusting ourselves and our creator. My ultimate goal as a human is to become what I was meant to be, not what society or others tell me I should be. In each of us resides divinity, the innate qualities of our creator. We each have special gifts given to us that we are meant to share. One of my gifts happens to be the written word. I love delving into the worlds of the characters who come to me. I am honored and humbled each time a character approaches me. I believe each character has been given to me for a reason: to teach me. I believe I am meant to share these stories with you. Stories give us the ability to see the world from someone else’s point of view. They can inspire us to be more courageous in our own skin. They can drive us to understand our unique gifts and help us learn how to start living our lives free from fear and needless regret.

We all need hope to survive, and this is what the phoenix means to me: hope for a better life, hope for the future, hope in my own ability to survive, hope to embrace the unknown, and hope to become myself. Each time we overcome tragedy or the evils of this world, we are shown hope. I hope my stories will inspire you. I hope you will seek the things in your life which will bring you happiness, and I hope you enjoy the time you spend with my characters. I call them mine because they are like my family. I have been blessed to give a voice to their lives the best way I know how, and I hope they are pleased. You may think I sound a bit off kilter, maybe even woo-woo, but if you reach into these worlds and explore life with these characters, I think you’ll find they are your friends, perhaps even family. So here is my commitment to you, reader: I will write the stories that come to me in the best way I know how, sharing what I have inside me and offering a glimpse into the unknown. I hope you will join me.   Much love,   Christie Rich

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